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“Our surveyor is currently out of the office – if you would like to leave your details, they will get back to you shortly – preferably by email to save missing/returning phone calls.”

If they area a REPEAT CALLER, advise that we are very busy and if we don’t have an email address it may take us some time to be able to call them during business hours.

Flat roof quote request – details required:

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→ Makes life much easier if they can leave an email address. Surveyors are on the road and up ladders a lot, so can tend to end up playing voicemail tennis if customer misses their call.

They must leave an email address where at all possible!

If it is a NEW BUILD and they insist on emailing drawings to us now, they can be sent to:   falconmail PA enquiry entry, but we’d much rather they wait for an email from the surveyor