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With Falcon Roofline, you’ll never need to worry about maintenance because all our fascia and soffit products are manufactured from strong durable cellular U-PVC which will not warp, rot, crack or shrink and because it’s maintenance free there is no repairing or preparing, painting or varnishing.

FalconU-PVC Roofline products are impervious to moisture, weather resistant, impact resistant, UV stable, thermally efficient and can reduce heat loss. Our Roofline products stay beautiful for years, even if your home is in a location that is particularly exposed to the elements. Painting becomes a thing of the past.

We install a complete range of U-PVC Roofline products including: guttering and drainpipes to divert rainwater away from your property; fascia boards to protect the ends of your rafters; soffits to enclose the overhang of your roof; barge boards to protect the ends of your roof timbers, dry verge caps to keep the lip of your roof looking neat and tidy, and various types of U-PVC cladding to replace wooden or other aged external surfaces.

Cost of  UPVC fasicas and soffits

A full U-PVC fascia installation generally costs around 15-20% more than having your house professionally painted (if you can find a painter that wants to work up a ladder) but unlike painting it will not need repainting in 5 years time.

Our superior products will protect your property, preventing costly damage by keeping water away from roof timbers and other essential parts of its structure for years to come. So you can enjoy your home while others worry about the need to work on theirs.

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