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Take care of your roof and your roof will take care of your property

A traditional felt flat roof just isn’t built to last, unlike our range of outstanding flat roofs. Our flat roofs are fitted with guarantees of either 20 or 30 years, which are insurance backed for total peace of mind, and with life expectancies of upto 50+ years we expect them to keep you warm and dry for at least twice that long.

Our expertise in a range of flat roofing systems enable us to provide the optimum solution for any application.

Flat Roofing Systems

duranite engineeredtolast  Flat roofing

Based on technology pioneered in Germany during the 1960s and proven through five decades of service on all continents, Duranite is the latest generation polymer membrane flat roof system, specifically engineered with a 40 year design life, to provide long lasting protection for extensions, garages, houses, offices, warehouses, commercial and public buildings, both new build and refurbishment. The Duranite System can only be purchased and installed by specialist licensed contactors who have undergone extensive product training and contractor assessment conducted by Duranite UK to ensure the highest standards and longest service life.

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evalon flat roofs  Flat roofing

Manufactured by Alwitra (specialists in flat roof waterproofing since 1964) Evalon is a versatile, hard wearing membrane developed in co-operation with DuPont (the company that brought us Kevlar and Teflon amongst other things). Suitable for any shape of roofing as part of either new build or refurbishment projects, it offers green, high performance to users.




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