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Protecting Your Investment

Like many contractors we issue a guarantee on our work to cover any possible future problems. However, thousands of contractors, large and small, cease to trade each year. It can happen to any business regardless of current standing.

We have no intention of giving up the business that we’ve worked long and hard to build, but “what if” a company you use were to cease trading? You could be left with a faulty roof and a worthless guarantee, that’s why at Falcon Roofline we provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Eliminate the Risk

All our work is carried out to the highest standard using the best materials for the job, but that may not help you overcome that nagging fear of – What if? For your peace of mind we offer the Independent Warranty Insurance Backed Guarantee which takes over our own guarantee, should we no longer be in a position to honour a claim you may have to make.

As an Independent Warranty Insurance Backed Guarantee Business we have:

    • Had financial and legal checks carried out on our company.
    • Had positive references from former customers.
    • Provided copies of Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

Independent Warranty Insurance Backed Guarantee what can it cover?

    • Workmanship by your contractor.
    • Materials used by your contractor.
    • Recovery of any deposit payments made to your contractor of up to 25% of the contract value.
    • Work In Progress cover of up to 25% of the contract value.
    • Assistance in finding a new Independent Warranty approved contractor to commence or recommence the project, if your chosen contractor fails to complete.
    • Any additional cost to the original contract that the replacement contractor may charge.
    • All the terms provided to you under the contractor’s guarantee should they cease to trade upon completion of your project.
    • Transfer of the policy to any new owner of your property, provided the guarantee is also transferable.

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