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Lead & Copper Replacement / Reproduction

Evalon is one of the few materials capable of reproducing intricate lead and copper detail work, whilst providing a suitable life expectancy for replacement of the considerably more expensive traditional metals. In the hands of our experienced tradesmen, Evalon can be fashioned to even the most complex structural forms, and as it does this seamlessly, without the seams or expansion joints, even the longest runs can be built to little or no fall if required.

Available In A Range Of Colours

Evalon is available in a range of specially formulated colours including, lead grey, and emerald green to replicate the appearance of the build up of copper sulphate which occurs naturally in copper after many years of exposure to the elements. The system also includes a range of batten roll/mopstick and standing seam profiles, making both traditional and contemporary designs achievable whilst remaining cost effective.

Long Lasting, Copper Replacement/Substitute

Evalon is the ultra long lasting, anti-theft lead and copper replacement/substitute. Once fully adhered to the substrate it’s almost impossible to remove, highly vandal resistant, will withstand foot traffic, and unlike the traditional metals it has no ‘scrap value’, so is not at risk from thieves. In further testament to its durability and adaptability, the Evalon System has also been specified by Warrington Borough Council as their preferred material for the replacement of lead which unfortunately continues to be stolen from the roofs of civic buildings.

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