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 Liquid roofing systems and flat roof coatings offer the optimum solution for commercial flat roofs where complex shapes and/or numerous penetrations preclude the cost effective installation of other systems. 

Falcon Roofline are experts in delivering flat roof refurbishment projects throughout the public and private sectors: depending on its condition, the existing roof covering may suitable to remain in place and be encapsulated with a fully adhered seamless roof coating. This approach minimizes disruption, labour and waste disposal costs, and allows the building to remain watertight throughout the process.

Zero heat installation means no hot-works whatsoever in most cases, and where solvent vapours might be an issue, -such as schools or hospitals-, low odour resins can be utilized.

When combined with an aggregate or aluminium oxide finish, liquid waterproofing systems provide the ideal solution to waterproofing and demarcating  trafficed walkways, stairs. Dedicated systems are available to accept vehicular traffic in applications such as car park deck waterproofing.

  • Simple, economical waterproofing of even complex details
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Minimize waste disposal and environmental cost
  • Anti-slip available
  • Seamless and flexible


asphalt walkway before Liquid Roofing

liquid roof coating to walkway Liquid Roofingcomplex roof coating Liquid Roofing

The majority of leading liquid applied roofing systems employ the use of a reinforcement fleece or matting, which is embedded into a base coat of liquid plastics such as a acrylic or polyurethane resin and then re-coated after sufficient curing time has elapsed. With 12 hours curing time between coats, and a number of liquid roofing systems requiring as many as three coats before the final ‘top-coat’ can be applied, these systems are ideal for larger projects.